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INSA - КМ - 1/150 - 25L

INSA - КМ - 1/150 - 25L
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Lubricating oil for separation of concrete from shuttering forms. Intended for use in the processing of heavy, insulation and regular concretes, concrete facilities and components. Manufactured in three viscosity classes from selectively treated base fractions under technology for excellent separation of concrete from shuttering forms.
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  • Product Code: ИНСА - КМ - 1/150 - 25Л
Level of exploitation: ISO 6743/7 ISO-L-МHF, СОТ/Р-М/Ma-3,
Characteristics TS INSA 03-31-01
Characteristics Values Test Methods
Kinematic viscosity at 40°С, mm²/s 150
Viscosity class K-1/150
Viscosity index 85
Water , % Abs.
Mechanical impurities , % Abs.
Pour point, °С -9
Flash point in open cup, °С 226
Density at 20°С, g/ml 0.880

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