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INSA - TP 32 - 10L

INSA - TP 32 - 10L
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INSA TP is a oil for lubrication and cooling of gas, water and steam turbines, stationary turbo compressors and turbo pumps. Used for regulation of turbo aggregates in circulation systems and in systems with hydraulic action. Manufactured in three viscosity classes under ISO with two groups of use: Insa ТpAR with air separation properties and TpВ without air separation properties. Viscosity class under ISO 3448.
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  • Product Code: ИНСА - ТП 32 - 10Л
Level of exploitation: ISO 6743/5, ISO 8068 TGB TGSB, BS 489,GEK-32568F
Characteristics Siemens AG TLV 9013 04, Siemens AG TLV 9013 045, TS INSA 03-10-99
Characteristics Values Test Methods
Kinematic viscosity at 40°С, mm²/s 32
Viscosity index 91
Pour point, °С -15
Flash point in open cup, °С 206
Time for reducing the emulsion to 3 ml at 54°С, min 15
Antifoam test (tendency/stability), ml, I at 24°С 100/0
Antifoam test (tendency/stability), ml, at 93.5°С 80/0
Antifoam test (tendency/stability), ml, III at 24°С 100/0
Density at 20°С, g/ml 0.870
Copper strip corrosion (3h, 100°С). Class 1b
Total acid number, TAN, mg KOH/g 0.07

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