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INSA - HYDRO - HLPD 46 - 180KG

INSA - HYDRO - HLPD 46 - 180KG
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INSA HYDRO-HLPD are hydraulic oils specially designed for hydrostatic oil systems with potential contamination. Thanks to its unique additive, they disperse the solid contaminants and emulsify the liquid ones thus preventing the formation of sediment and sticky sludge which lead to malfunctions in the hydraulic system.
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  • Product Code: ИНСА - ХИДРО - HLPD 46 - 180КГ
Characteristics ISO 6743/4, ISO-L-НМ, DIN 51524/2, MB DBL 6721
Characteristics Values
Kinematic viscosity at 40°С, mm²/s 46
Viscosity class VG 46
Pour point, °С -21
Flash point in open cup, °С 236
Density at 20°С, g/ml 0.865

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